Thursday, August 13, 2015

32 for 32

Before I get started, I want to say THANK YOU for the unexpected and overwhelming amount of encouragement and support from the last post. I cannot begin to tell you how many private Facebook messages, emails, texts, hugs, office visits, and phone calls I've received in the past week. It’s been more than I ever anticipated. For that I am forever grateful.

Many of you reached out with your own personal and similar experiences. Motherhood is a community of STRONG women and the husbands and families who back them up every day. Even with our unfortunate outcome, I am blessed to be a part of such a community for the rest of my life.

For those of you who have lost children, my heart aches for you. One text I received said something that has stuck with me, as many of your words of encouragement over the past week has, it simply said, “We’re strongest when we’re together.” There is a greater hope for us and I pray for you all daily. 

This weekend, I will turn 32. THIRTY TWO?! What in the world?

Plans aren’t elaborate this year, as I just don’t really feel like having a big hoopla or attention. Priorities have changed. Stephen and I will be spending the day in Nashville and then having dinner with family later that night. Just a day with the people I love the most!

With everything that has happened lately, my mind has constantly been in 20 different places at any given moment. I started jotting down things I’ve learned, things I believe, things I hope for and somehow that list turned into this “32 for 32”. Some points are serious, some not much….but all relative and useful advice nonetheless.

This is also my first time linking up with Vanessa & Penny's "Thinking Out Loud Thursday". I thought this would be a good post to share in this fun link up!!
1.      No matter how old you are, sometimes you just need your mom.
2.      Some people speak without thinking, you can’t fault them for it. But you are entitled to roll your eyes and shake your head behind their back.
3.      When you tell someone “I’m praying for you”, mean it and do it...don’t let it just be words.
4.      It’s ok to document and take notes. You might need them one day.
5.      It’s ok to say “No.”
6.      It’s better to say “No, thank you.”
7.      Always have something to look forward to.
8.      Love fiercely, but more importantly allow yourself to BE loved that same way!
9.      The phrase, “Walk fast, look worried” won’t get you anywhere…everyone’s on to you.
10.   A bowl of cereal is perfectly acceptable as breakfast, lunch or dinner.
11.   Stand up for yourself, but don’t be a jerk while doing it.
12.   Meal Plan….it works!!
13.   When someone compliments you, take it to heart. Don’t look for a hidden agenda.
14.   Good hair days typically only happen when it’s supposed to rain.
15.   Your faith is tested as fire tests and PURIFIES gold. (1 Peter 1:7)
16.   Be kind to everyone you meet and pass by…you have NO IDEA what they might be going through.
17.   Say prayers for total strangers…you may be the only one praying for them.
18.   Splurge on XM / Sirius Radio.
19.   Whether it’s a 4pm nap on a Tuesday or not going to bed until 1am…sleep when you’re tired. Don’t force it.
20.   People are rude. I don’t know why. Sometimes you’ve just gotta bite your tongue and go on.
21.   Strive for a perfect credit can make you giddily happy; I don’t know why.
22.   Always hold doors open for others.
23.   Work hard, be honest, be patient.
24.   GREAT things come to those who wait.
25.   Never underestimate the power an oscillating fan has for a good nap.
26.   And a lot of pillows…..pillows are key.
27.   There’s always room in your heart to love one more time.
28.   God shows up if you invite Him. Always will.
29.   It’s ok to cry…even if it’s for hours at a time.
30.   When you have to run errands, always strive to be the best dressed person at Walmart. (It’s not hard folks…not around here. My point is, don’t let yourself go.)
31.   Be more than one person’s best friend. You’ll need them in return.

I have been blessed beyond measure for 32 wonderful years here with my family and friends. Life is hard, but it is so good!! God has plans for us all that we don't even know about yet, and I can't wait to see that plan unfold!!!

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