Monday, August 24, 2015

And We Call it August....

August was a busy month for us, as is August of every year. I didn’t blog much this month because we were so busy and because I’m still dealing with the physical side effects of a miscarriage. I shared our story in a post earlier this month that you can read by clicking here. I will say I never expected it to last this long, but it is. Some women’s bodies just take longer to fully get rid of a pregnancy while others only last a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I’m on the longer path. Hopefully, everything will be gone soon, and my body will return back to a normal routine.

Back to our August…

I did jot down a few goals for the month several weeks ago but never got around to sharing them on here because of everything else that happened around that same time. I’ll be sharing those later this week.

We started the month by having our nephews over one Sunday afternoon. I have been trying to finish up our Guest Room remodel for months now and I was DETERMINED to get the finishing touches done which included a small “gallery wall” featuring paintings by Riley & Colin. Having them paint something and include it on this wall was a last minute decision which quickly became a brilliant idea in my mind. I picked the colors so that they would match the room, but told them they could paint anything they wanted.
Colin chose to paint a robot. Riley painted his interpretation of the world and attempted to write, “God Bless This Home.” His sweet, unprompted gesture meant more to me in that moment than anything else given the circumstances we were facing at that time. Every day since, I love walking by the room and seeing his heartfelt message to us.

I also painted a small canvas for the wall using part of a verse I have fallen in love with the past few months. It helped me through the last few months of us getting pregnant as we approached the 1 year mark and has helped in since our loss. This verse will go with me the rest of our lives.

After our paintings dried we got to work hanging everything on the wall. I love how it all turned out! There’s plenty of room to add to it in the future if we choose to do so.

At the very end of July we celebrated my Grandmother’s 84th birthday. Her special day fell on a Thursday this year, so she and my grandpa joined us at my parents’ house for our weekly “Thursday Night Family Night” to celebrate!

Also at the very end of JULY…yes, JULY…these kids went back to school!! I’m sure they’ll have a great year in the 1st and 3rd grades…as long as Colin can conquer his “motion sickness.” Because yes, he told his teacher one day he wasn’t feeling good and said, “my motion sickness is bothering me.” Which is code for my mom is the teacher in the classroom next door and I want to go lay in her room. That kid.

Back to August….

Work has been SO busy with meetings and compliance issues that have needed attention AND our annual golf tournament. If it weren’t for my daily calendar printouts, I’d be lost some days. Such a handy little feature by our friend Microsoft Outlook.

Because of said work schedule, most days my breakfast and/or both lunch have consisted of this. Which confirm my eating habits are that of a toddler some days.

One thing I HAVE to HAVE in my office is music. Most days I listen to Pandora and my favorite channel lately has been the Gene Kelly station because I LOVE all the classics!! Give me some Gene, Bing and Dean anyday!! (Except when October comes around and sometime during that month, I’ll start hitting up my Christmas music channels!!! Those are the best days!)

If you know my husband Stephen, you know that he is partial to his video games. Not the dungeons and dragons type, but the sports type. Lately, he has been all about a new golf game. So much so that he talked me into playing it with him the first night he got it. I’m proud to say I WON! I was so proud of myself. It’s the little things really. (p.s. that win was my first and only time… far.)

Speaking of Stephen, he and his buds finished up their season for Church League Men’s Softball…just in time to start City League Men’s Fall Ball. We switched from spending Friday nights at the ballpark across town to Mondays nights at the ballpark up the road from our house. He plays ball, and I sit and chat with good friends as we watch our husbands play. It’s a win  for everybody!

I tried a new recipe for blueberry muffins…and they were TO DIE FOR! Next time I make them, I’ll be sure to take photos and share the recipe on here. These were sooo good!!

We celebrated my mother in law’s birthday by hosting Sunday lunch at our house. (Technically, I hosted Sunday lunch for Stephen’s family…he was out of town that weekend and plans changed last minute that prevented him from being home in time.) This was the first time setting an extra full table in the living room and it turned out to be a great space to add more seating.

I am happy to report, I returned all of my 4th of July decorations back to our storage unit AND refrained from bringing my Fall stuff back with me. It was a struggle….and I may have peeked into a couple of the bins….but I left them there promising they’d make the trip back home with me on my next visit. Oh my favorite time of the year is quickly approaching. Fall and Christmas (because yes CHRISTMAS is a season on is own!)

Stephen and I met his parents for dinner one night and rounding the corner going back to our car we ran into these two hoodrats having ice cream from Cream City. (I really LOVE our little town!)

And finally, we celebrated my birthday in August!! We started by going out to dinner with our friends The Wilson’s (of which I made zero pics…uughhh…#bloggerfail) This year, the 15th fell on a Saturday so Stephen and I made plans to spend the day in Nashville. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do! We started at Target (which is a treat for us rural folks without a Target) and then….

I made an appointment several weeks ago at the Blowout Co. to get my hair done. I had read rave reviews about this place and decided to give it a try. This was my first blowout but will NOT be my last!! I mean, look at what they did to my hair!! Holy crap girls!

It was amazing!! My hair is notorious for no wait, nothing. So this was pretty flippin' awesome of a hair day. Sign me up for another one!

After my appointment, we had lunch at Goozy. I read about this place earlier this year and said back then that I wanted to eat there! Y’ALL. It was soo good! We shared a couple of appetizers and then ordered sandwiches from their grilled cheese menu. I got the “Nashville” which was grilled pimento cheese, pickled jalapenos and bacon on sourdough! Stephen got a fancy BLTC. And then, the BEST part of it all……DESSERT.

So I suppose they’re mainly known for their desserts. Just my assumption. EVERYTHING on their dessert menu sounded amazing but we both ended up picking the same thing, the Jack Daniels Croissant Bread Pudding. We briefly talked about ordering different things and sharing them but I am SO glad we didn’t. I ate this puppy up quick. By myself. #ihavenoshame #happybirthdaytome

Needless to say, we’ll be going back. And ordering dessert.

Later that night, we met up with my family for dinner and cake. (because birthdays are meant for triggering diabetes)

Finally, I had to share my favorite gifts. First up, my friend Amy showed up at my office with her son Daniel and had my gifts in his carrier. She said, “Daniel brought you gifts.” It took a second look to realize that she had a bag stuffed in beside him and a small box on top of his head. Poor kid. Inside the box, was a gift I will cherish forever.

This was the due date we were given for our baby who is no longer with us. I love this more than she’ll ever know.

And, my grandmother, bless her heart. For the past 4 years, she has given me the same two cards. This photo is of my cards from her and my Pa from 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 starting from the top left and going clockwise. She cracks me up. This is why I have a problem with throwing cards away. I will treasure these forever.

I always feel like I need either a vacation or a congratulatory pat on the back for making it through August. Whew. While it was busy, it was busy full of fun memories with the people I love most!!

And...there's even more to share (which happened after I had this post all ready). Come back later this week to see what all happened over the weekend. Spoiler Alert: there was ANOTHER birthday meal!!

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