Friday, August 28, 2015

August Goals & Weekend Recap

I mentioned earlier this week that I did make a few goals for August but with the way everything played out around the end of July I never got around to posting them. (Annnd let's just ignore the fact that I'm posting a weekend recap as the current weekend is starting. Sheesh.)

This month, I made things super simple because August is notorious for being CRAZY busy around here.

Share blog post about our baby. I had been working on this post for a few weeks, when I finally scheduled it to publish on Thursday, August 6. The response was overwhelming and humbling. Even in the midst of the biggest struggles, I am SO richly blessed. If you haven’t read our story, you can find it by clicking here.

Christmas Shop. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the goals I made for myself for 2015 included this. I have about three people totally marked off my shopping list so far!! (Thanks to my daily deals sites, Groopdealz and Jane.) My overall goal is to be totally done with shopping by December 1st. I think I can, I think I can!!

Start Paintings. Yep. Such has been life this week. I’ve finished 6 canvases just this week alone!! Next up are my Fall Flash Sale customers!

Speaking of….Offer Fall Flash Sale. This was offered through FB and IG a couple weeks ago. I got a few orders in the three days it was posted. I love painting Fall pieces, but it just works easier when I can do it assembly line style so these should be pretty easy to whip up for everyone when they start their Fall decorating in the next few weeks.

Enjoy my Birthday! I talked a little about what we did on my birthday here in my August recap post earlier this week. It was nothing elaborate or grand but just a day spent with the people I love the most. The Blowout Co. offered Half Price Blowouts yesterday to celebrate their 3rd location’s grand opening. If Nashville wasn’t an hour away, you BET I would’ve been on my way there for a $20 session. TOTALLY worth it. If you haven’t had a blowout, at least try it. Chances are you’ll fall in love with it.

AND..random note, apparently this stylist (her name is Deidre I think) is supposedly best of the best hair stylists in Nashville. Naturally I find this out after my appointment. But her station was right beside the girl who did my hair so I watched her most of my appointment. Ok, let’s be real, I stared at her hair most of my appointment because it was gorgeous. I’ve read that she books up quick and months in advance so next time I’m planning ahead and requesting her.

So…keeping my goals easy this month proved to be the way to go! 5 for 5!! Check back next week for September Goals.

Now, onto a quick weekend recap. I should’ve included this in my August recap but it was so long without any of this that I just decided to leave it out. Technically this is a ThursdaySunday recap. Eh..whatever works, right?

Thursday and Friday the hospital I work at hosted our annual golf tournament. HUNDREDS come to play in this tournament and attend the celebrity dinner on Thursday night. About five years ago, I volunteered to help and now it’s just a given that I’ll be there. Hey, it beats being stuck in an office for a couple of days!

This year’s celebrity was former Atlanta Braves’ player Dale Murphy. His message at the dinner was great! He has a wonderful view on faith and family and shared that with everyone.

For the dinner, I helped at the Registration table (sorry for the closed eyes Libby!) and after the dinner was over our Physician Recruiter and I had to get a pic together when we realized we were wearing the same dress! I think we have great style!

Mr. Murphy spent the majority of the next day at the golf course meeting everyone, posing for pics and signing autographs. Oh and I might add the weather was TO DIE FOR that day!!

The golf tournament is the biggest fundraising event that our hospital’s charitable foundation hosts each year. To find out more about The Foundation and ways to give aid to help patients and families in times of need, check out their website here.

Saturday we had VBS at church. It was non-stop from the time it started so I failed to get any pics during the day. These are several “Shields of Faith” I worked on earlier in the week. This year, the kiddos studied about putting on the whole armor of God! I think they all had a fun time with the medieval events and outdoor games that followed their class times!

After VBS, our nephews came home with us to spend the night…but first was a stop to Kroger. My first Kroger trip with kids….it was a success! I’m not sure what my sister complains about when she takes them grocery shopping! They were perfect angels!!

(insert Sheldon’s sarcasm sign)

Later that night after they played, I made dinner and they had their baths, we all snuggled up to watch a movie and have popcorn.

Sunday morning came and I found Colin in bed like this. I had to walk all the way up to the top of the bed before I could even see him. Poor guy. I guess the wall was more comfortable than the pillow.

Sunday lunch we celebrated my birthday a little late with Stephen’s family. His mom, aunt, cousin and grandma went out of their way to make all my favorite items and decorate the table extra cute!! We munched on chicken salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit, strawberry pretzel salad and fruit tea! It was all sooo good!!

I feel like I’ve been recapping August ALL week…but I promise that was it. September is right around the corner! Since it’s anniversary month for us, I’ll be sharing all about our wedding throughout the month. Get ready to see an ABUNDANT amount of navy and yellow!!

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