Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately around here....has been...in one word. HOT. Tennessee has this bad habit of getting hot AND humid. I love Summer, but geeze, the humidity can go somewhere else. 

I promise we're not rednecks, but the next two pictures say different when your nephews cool off with a water hose. 

These pics are 100% accurate, but what you don't see just out of the camera shot is a slip and slide that WAS connected to the water hose before these two came up with a better idea.

A summer pregnancy and TN heat do not mix well. Sadly, I've already learned first hand. I'm trying not to complain too much because this is just part of it, but it's a part that I could certainly do without. 

Speaking of heat, but in a much milder way. My in-laws are currently out west. They sent us this picture yesterday and none of us believed it was real. Isn't it amazing?!?

They're having a great time and enjoying the cooler temps and no humidity. (#jealous)

And now on to all the babies' updates!

I've started loosely working on a gift registry. Our first baby shower is early in August, so we kinda need to get this done in the next few weeks before the invitations go out. It doesn't matter how many friends I ask, how many Pinterest articles I look up, I still feel clueless as to what we NEED for these two ladies all while keeping in mind space issues. 

We've not gone fabric shopping yet for the girls' bedding, but this is generally what I have in mind. SO stinkin' excited about this!

Here's a sneak peak of the invitations for our first shower hosted by Stephen's family. Yes, I picked these out and ordered these myself. Yes, I ordered my own shower invitations. My mother in law told me they had decided to do a pink and gold theme and to find invitations and order them...so, I did. (This is where I should let you know that she also had me order my own bridal shower invitations for her back a few years ago. It's the way we roll.)

Old Navy had a really great sale over the weekend and I snagged a few dresses and a couple of bloomers. These should fit the girls perfectly next summer! We both loved the simple white dresses (although while standing in the checkout line I said, "this is probably a dumb idea to buy solid white dresses for infants." Stephen's response was, "That's why we use stain remover.")

Stephen picked out the sailboat dress and I picked the soft pink stripe dress. We know they'll have some matching outfits, it just goes with the territory of having twins, but we want to make a conscious effort to not have everything matching for them. 

That's life lately...alot of heat and alot of babies prep. I have a feeling this will pretty much be "life lately" ALL summer. 

Come back tomorrow...we're linking up with Heather and Johannah for a new monthly recipe linkup series!


  1. We run around in the water hose in our neck of the woods too:)
    They have come out with so much new and "improved" baby stuff since I had babies I dont think I can help much in that department. But those invitations and outfits are adorable!
    Stay cool sweet friend!

  2. Love the invitations, LOVE LOVE the outfits - and YES, TN heat and humidity is already doing me in. I cannot imagine being pregnant in this heat. I have to plan my outfits around what will limit any demonstration of sweat dripping down my back, but it just is what it is!!

  3. I love that fabric. Very classic! Have you checked out fabric.com? That's where I got the fabric for my daughter's nursery. I was leery to buy fabric online without feeling it, but they had the best selection, so I took a chance. Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Oh my goodness! Loving the theme that you were going with for the girls room! I absolutely love hearing about all of your plans -so I'm looking forward to more post like this!

  5. I love the fabric, the invitations, and the redneck cool down! Being from West Virginia, I'm okay with being a little redneck sometimes ;) Its good for the soul!!!


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