Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday friends! We've had a busy and productive last few days around here, and to be honest, I'm exhausted! Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing?

I had a couple of pics on my phone (pre-weekend) that I wanted to be sure to share. On Wednesday, I got the cutest mail ever! I bought these newborn hats off of a few weeks ago for just $6! I can't wait to see our girls wearing these!!

On Thursday, one of my best friends, Amy and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, so Stephen and I kept their son Daniel that night so they could enjoy a date night. I can't believe it's been 10 years since we were frantically setting up for their wedding and enjoying the  best chocolate tiered wedding cake I've ever seen! 

Daniel was the best baby for us and we had so much fun with him! 

Friday morning I snapped a pic of our nursery in progress before I left for work, because word on the street was, Stephen, his dad and brother were going to put together the cribs and dresser that day. 

I started getting texts from Stephen's mom that afternoon about their progress and curiosity got the best of me....and yeah...I definitely left work early to head home to check the work out!

BUT...not before I caved to my worst craving so far. And I have no shame in admitting, I scarfed down a crunchy shrimp roll in my car like it was my job. (I did some intensive research [i.e. a quick google search and scan of the top 5 articles] to see that cooked shrimp within reasonable amounts are safe to consume during pregnancy.) 

It was the best thing I've eaten in a long time. Best meal of the week!

Back at home, the Stafford men were HARD at work. 


They got the first crib together in about 45 minutes and the 2nd one in less than 15. 

They also got the girls' closet shelves installed. I still have a few more storage pieces to buy to complete my Pinterest "organized twins closet" inspiration, but we are WELL on our way!

Saturday morning, Stephen's mom, grandma and my grandma headed to a nearby town to buy fabric for crib bedding and curtains. For now, we're just going to make crib skirts and will do bumpers later on. The two fabrics I ended up picking up weren't exactly what I had in mind going into it, but I think it's going to turn out REALLY nice! 

My mother in law worked on painting a bookcase Friday and I finished it up on Sunday. (After I tried to finish it on Saturday night and #hormones got the best of me and I threw in the towel.) Once it was dry, I just couldn't stand looking at it all I may have already filled it with some of my old books and books that our nephews passed down to us for their cousins. 

We spent most of Sunday afternoon and early evening cleaning house to get ready for my Bunco group tonight! It's our first Bunco night and we're all excited for a fun girls' night to look forward to each month!!

Somehow, we also squeezed in 3 family meals over the weekend, a visit to my grandparents, and a couple of visits to see my dad, who's recovering from back surgery last week. He's having a much harder time than he or any of us were prepared for, but he is finally starting to show some minor, minor improvements. 

Another thing worth sharing from the weekend, pregnancy hormones are NO joke. Increased blood flow to your hands and feet are NO joke. 10pm cravings for a Wendy's Frosty are NO joke. Dealing with a summer, multiples pregnancy and 95 degrees + TN  humidity is NO joke. 

Finally, never discount the value of a good nap!

Later today, we have our full anatomy scan on the babies. We're praying everything continues to look great as it has been, but it still makes a mama a bit nervous ahead of time. 

(And our nephews are patiently waiting to see if that 5% chance on Baby B might be a boy after all.)

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  1. You did have a busy weekend!! I can't wait to see the girls room finished =) I bet it is going to be adorable!! Have a great Monday!!

  2. Bunco is so much fun! I recently discovered it and while I know it doesn't take a ton of skill, it's still a great way to be a bit competitive and have a girls night and chit chat.

  3. You are making me exhausted with everything y'all got accomplished and I am not even pregnant! #thankgoodness

    I can't wait to see the finished nurseries!

  4. I love the newborn hats! I hope you put these girls in big bows when they have hair that will hold them haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Love those sweet hats and you look like you are moving right along getting everything set for their arrival!!


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