Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bumpdate: Half Way There

As promised, I'm checking in with a random "bumpdate" post. I'm not sure how frequently I'll do posts like these, but I figured since we're a little past the half-way mark, it would be a good time to post my first update. Here we go...

How Far Along?
19 weeks and 4 days


Amelia Gentry & Mae Parker

Due Date?
Technically November 12, but we know they’ll arrive between 35-38 weeks…so sometime mid-October!

Weight Gain?
Not sure, if any at all. We don’t own a scale. At every doctor’s appointment (and there’s been many), I’m continuing to lose weight. Since I first found out back in March until now, I’ve lost about 12 pounds.

Stretch Marks?

Maternity Clothes?
Pants, no. Tops, not necessarily…but a couple maternity tops I’ve already bought, I must say, are quite more comfortable right now than my regular clothes.

Belly Button In or Out?
I have a medium size crater for a belly button, so it’s going to take A LOT to push that sucker out during these next few months.

Best Part of the Week?
Nursery Prep and buying a LOAD of clothes from a friend!

Worst Part of the Week?
A certain hormonal Sunday night melt-down. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Miss Anything?
Walking across the parking lot at work without breaking a sweat…and a SOLID night sleep’s without waking up to go to the bathroom. That being said, these are minimal and in the grand scheme of what’s going on and what we’ve been so RICHLY blessed with, I really don’t have any complaints.

Not yet…I don’t think. Every now and then in the past few nights, I’ve wondered if I’ve felt something, but I think I’m just being a little too paranoid about it for now. Maybe in another week or so!

For the most part, I’ve been pretty happy and relaxed this past week which is better than the last few weeks of feeling stressed and like I could bite someone’s head off at any given moment. Sometimes, you run into the right friend at Wal-Mart on a Friday night and just let it all out to her in one of the baby aisles and feel SO much better when you leave. I have always been a firm believer that God puts the RIGHT people in your life at just the RIGHT moments that you need them.

Currently Reading?
I try to purposely stay away from too many websites, online forums, etc because I’m pretty sure I would be a hypochondriac about everything I read. I’ve been reading the go-to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. I’m only reading chapters for the current week of pregnancy I am at. I am in one private Facebook group for Moms of Fall 2016 Multiples. It has been a huge help to be able to compare and share stories with other expectant moms who are in the same stages as I am.

Not really. More so aversions than anything, which no doubt has led to the weight loss. Most meals, I can eat 4-5 bites and then be done with my plate. I love drinks juice, flavored water, my weekly Dr. Pepper (a small amount of caffeine never hurt), ice..not necessarily that I crave drinks, it’s just that they taste really good to me.

Am I Showing Yet?
Just a tad and it’s just happened in the past week. I guess it was bound to happen sooner rather than later with two in there!

If you googled random pregnancy symptoms, that’s what I’ve had. Not the traditional morning sickness, headaches and mood swings. Nope. I’m the one with blistering HOT hands and feet, and random (what we’ve been calling) “hot spots” on my head. Literally, you can put your hand on my head in a certain small spot and feel heat just radiating off of it. It’s the weirdest thing. When I first started noticing them, I was SUPER paranoid I was having an aneurysm or something. But no, apparently, blood flow and vessels are working overtime (especially with 2) and increased blood flow can just cause an area of momentary heat. My friend at work didn’t believe me until one day, I started noticing one coming on  during the day. (YES, I can feel them coming on.) I ran to her and was like, “HERE! Put your hand on my head right here and then your other hand anywhere else on my head!” She was a believer after that.

Other symptoms…constant stuffy nose, more bathroom breaks, MUCH less sleep, minor leg cramps, overall discomfort in trying to get situated in bed to sleep. I will take all of these if it means these girls are growing and doing just fine!

What am I Looking Forward To?
HOPEFULLY, we can get some nursery projects knocked out this weekend. It wasn’t on my agenda, but Stephen is wanting to get the furniture assembled and their closet shelves hung…so if that’s his plan, then I’m all for it!!

We go back to the doctor on Monday and will get to see our girls again! We are SO spoiled with having ultrasounds each visit.

Other Recent Happenings Worth Remembering…
I went ahead and Pre-Registered at the hospital…..on a whim. I simply went to Financial Services to get an estimate on what we could expect to pay after our insurance did their part and somehow that led to me going ahead and registering myself as a OB patient in October. SO, one less thing I guess.

My Half-Way There Prayer…
Dear Lord,
The joy in my heart for these two little girls outweighs all the fears and worries that I battle every day. I know that everything that has happened during our journey, has been on YOUR timetable, not ours. Your plan for our children is far greater than anything we could ever wish for them. 

With every day that passes, I become more and more excited to meet Amelia and Mae Parker…to learn their personalities, to experience a new, unconditional and life-long love, to see their bond as sisters and friends develop, to see the JOY they bring to our families. These girls are going to change our lives! God, please keep them safe and healthy for the next several weeks. Let them continue to grow in strength and size as you have already. Watch over this pregnancy to keep me and the girls safe until their birthday. 

Lord, as I’m going through long-awaited joyous time, please be with the ladies that are struggling to have children of their own. I know how their hearts hurt and weep for the blessing of a child. Please comfort them daily, that they may fully give their fears to you and lean on the hope of Your beautiful plan. It’s hard for them to understand it now, but Your plan for them is waiting. Shower Your love and protection over them and I pray that they will open their hearts to receive Your guidance and blessings during this journey.

Thank you is not enough to offer You  for these girls. We love them so much and are eternally grateful for  entrusting us with their lives. We owe You all of our praise and honor!

In Jesus’ name…Amen.


  1. Awe! Love the little baby bump! Glad your feeling ok! I don't know if you will ever get a full nights sleep ever again :( My kiddos are 11 and 8 and I still wake up to pee and have to check on them!! :) #motherhood

  2. Closet looks great... you'd never know S tried to kill it! Loved your prayer... sweet! Cannot wait to meet these girlies and your little fam is in my prayers daily.

    1. We both know that Stephen "killing" the closet is a mild understatement. Thanks for putting it lightly, lol. (And thanks for coming to our rescue!)

  3. Oh I love your sweet prayer!! You are doing great mama - and those babies will be so blessed by you and Stephen!! Did you ever share how you arrived at their names??

    1. I haven't yet! I'm hoping MAYBE to have it up tomorrow.

  4. The one thing I noticed about my cribs (which were both purchased at Target). They had a terrible smell to them, like urethane or something? I don't know how to describe it. I was glad I had them put together early because it took a while for them to stop smelling. Maybe it was just my super senses during pregnancy ha?!

  5. Congrats on your blessings! I just love their names and as a new reader, can't wait to see your family grow and get to know you more!

    1. Thanks for stopping by; I can't wait to share more about these girls in the coming months!

  6. You look beautiful and I'm just so excited for you!! So fun to see all those baby girl clothes spread out on your floor!!!

  7. You look great! You're about to start feeling them move and it is going to be the best thing ever! I wasn't a huge fan of pregnancy, but there's something so special about feeling your baby move inside you! Love it!!


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