Monday, February 22, 2016

February Life Lately

Time to clear out my phone for some storage space! You know what that means...time for an iPhone Photo Dump post!! Sometimes these posts are my favorites, because it's simply every day life and stories behind those moments. Doesn't that make you all warm and fuzzy for a Monday!?!

Years ago, Stephen's grandmother saw an abstract flower painting I did for myself and has said since then that one day, she wanted me to make her one. For Christmas, that's what she got. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the canvas size is HUGE. 30" by something. Definitely the largest I've ever painted. Recently, she hung it in their living room above the fireplace. It looks lonely in the pic, but now, she has her mantel decorated with it's normal pieces, so just imagine a full pretty mantel when you look at it. 

For several years now, we've been celebrating Mardi Gras with our friends the Wilsons. Emilee and I have a love for all things festive and any reason to celebrate...especially the random holidays, so Mardi Gras is right up our alley! In the past we would have dinner at a local Cajun restaurant and then have King Cake back at their house. The past couple of years, Emilee has made delicious jambalaya at their house, so we don't have to fight the Crawdaddy's crowd. She makes the main course, I make the King cake. 

It starts out civil with everyone carefully picking their piece hoping to the find the baby in the cake, by the end of it, we're just a bunch of savages eating it right off the platter. haha

Ben changed up his Mardi Gras attire this in the front AND back!

I found the baby in my piece of cake this year! Traditionally, the person who finds the cake is supposed to make the king cake the following year and host the party. But let's be honest, Emilee will still host again next year (only in their new house) and I'll still bring the cake!

Somewhat disturbing mixed with yumminess. 

I snapped this photo one night after church. (and it may have been on the blog before, I can't remember) I love watching the sweet relationship my dad has with my nephews. I mean, you want to talk about people dad CHANGED when those boys came into the world. He's a WONDERFUL dad, but man, he's an amazing grandfather! I can't wait to see our own children get to enjoy this bond like Riley and Colin have with him

I picked up a random bottle of nail polish because I thought the color was pretty, and it was dirt cheap. So here's the thing, is it just me, or does anyone else have really great luck with the cheapest nail polishes? If I paint my nails with Essie or OPI, maaaybe a full day or two before they start to chip. Slap on a color that cost a buck or two....I can wear it for days. 

Stephen's grandma makes the best meatloaf, and I'm pretty sure he could live on a deserted island for the rest of his life if he had his iPhone, wifi and meatloaf. He's a simple man at heart. 

Back to the meatloaf, I'm proud to say I've perfected Meme's recipe! I've taken it to church dinners a couple of times and there's a few people that ask me for it all the time now. I whipped up one for dinner a few weeks ago and we snapped a photo to send to a man at church who loves it as much as Stephen. Yes, it's a HUGE pan, but Stephen is a bottomless pit and this thing was gone....all just a couple of days. 

I've shared before how I like to make quick breakfasts on Sunday morning. Sometimes quick means, pop open a can of cinnamon rolls and call it a day. I stopped dead in my tracks one Sunday morning and briefly panicked because I thought I had just sprayed the pan with Pledge instead of cooking spray. Here's the thing...the Pledge wasn't even out, but it was just the similarities of colors that caught my eye. See what I mean...

Work has been REALLY busy lately (when is it not anymore). Post it notes are taking over my desk so that I don't forget anything during the day. Really, what did we do before these little sticky lifesavers?!

My Dad's birthday was on February 3, but with everyone's busy schedules we didn't get to celebrate until a couple weeks later. 

DQ ice cream cakes for the win...and two boys who always find their way into the pictures!

Dinner was eaten, Happy Birthday (cha, cha cha) was sung, candles were blow, cake was sliced, presents were opened...

Everything that makes a birthday perfect!

We celebrated our friends Chase and Taylor's upcoming arrival of their little boy Isaac on Saturday. She asked for something to go on his door, so I painted a smaller canvas than I normally do for my gifts. I have to give credit to Stephen for this one. The design was ALL his idea, I just painted it. I think it turned out SO cute!

I typically get asked to bring drinks to showers, dinners, parties, etc with that group of friends. (Mainly because they love my homemade is pretty great.) I was up early Saturday morning squeezing the life out of several defenseless lemons all in the name of great lemonade. The things I do for our friends...haha. 

Two more quick photos from last week since I've been documenting our baby journey...

Friday morning, I had an ultrasound to check on some things. (And can I just say how thankful I am to work in a hospital where I can literally walk out of my office, down the hall to a back door, and across the street to the is SO convenient for scheduling. Thankful, thankful, thankful!)

At one of my appointments last summer after the miscarriage, I opened up the Bible app on my phone while I was waiting and the particular verses that I randomly opened up to just fit SO PERFECTLY for that time. God needed me to hear those exact words that day. (You can read more about that here.)

Ever since then, that's become my thing to do while I wait at the OBGYN office. It's been a very emotional time..this journey we've been on and especially recently since our due date is / would have been later this week. Sitting in a waiting room full of expectant mothers, it just hard. There's not a more eloquent way to put it. It's hard. Friday morning while waiting, when I opened my Bible app, I came upon these verses and immediately marked it as a favorites passage. I think God needed me to hear these words like He has before. 

Sometimes God's word just sucker punches you right in the gut when you need it the most. As difficult as the past year and half have been, I KNOW that God's love is covering and protecting us. His plan is being fulfilled every day!


  1. I had two different pieces of king cake, on two separate occasions and got the baby both times!! What are the chances! Praying for you and LOVE Psalm 59 that God intended for you this week!!

  2. That nail polish shade is gorgeous and I love those canvases you painted, I can't wait decorate my future home!


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