Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap: Flea Markets and Sunny Sundays

 Hey friends, we had a GREAT weekend over here and eventful enough to share complete with some pics! Let's get to it. 

Friday I got in late from work and then a grocery store run. Thankfully, Stephen made us dinner, we caught up on Thursday's Gray's Anatomy and Scandal (only shhh....I slept through most of Scandal...sooo tired!) Stephen had to work early on Saturday so he went to bed and I got my second wind, binged watched the first 6 episodes of Fuller House. I have to say, the first episode was a big pile of cheesy, but it got better after that. Another wild and crazy Friday night, ha. 

Saturday morning, I had a fun day planned with my mother in law and Stephen's grandma. First up, we headed to the Nashville Flea Market which we LOVE going to! It was a GORGEOUS day!

I often get asked about certain clothes I wear and where I get them. I have to laugh when I answer with the, "oh at the Flea Market". LOL But seriously, there are several boutique clothing vendors there each month, and I find the cutest pieces. I was quite proud of myself for only buying this pink floral kimono top. I tried on a few other things, but played nice with my Discover card and just got this.

Stephen's mom makes jewelry and stops by a certain booth each time she goes to buy certain stones or beads that she's looking for. The owner told us that they had been coming to the Flea Market every month for 44 years! They hadn't missed a single weekend!! 

After we left the Flea Market, we headed over to Green Hills for lunch and a few quick stops in the mall. 

THEN, we hit the mother load of traffic jams. What normally would've been a 25 minute drive turned into an hour and half drive! Whaaaat?!

We filled a cart at Target, bought fabric for new kitchen curtains at Joann's and picked up flowers at Kroger...

We love Granny Jan!

We picked up a gallon of chicken rice soup from Demo's (raise your hand if you've had this goodness) and headed home. We unloaded the car, did a couple of things to get ready for Sunday's family lunch, ate soup, and called it a day.

One of my favorite moments of the day, is the first few moments of the day. I love the quiet and stillness of our house. Sunday morning, the sun was pouring in our windows and I just knew it was going to be a wonderful day!


(I'm skipping over a HUGE part of Sunday - come back tomorrow for that!)

After lunch, our nephews came home with us for a few hours. We made them scoot their way home in front of our car....

We hadn't been home 5 minutes when the neighbor kids were at our door asking if the boys could come out and play. I love our little neighborhood so much!

I think they jumped on their trampoline for at least an hour.  Oh to be young again!

Since the sun was streaming in our windows, it was the perfect afternoon to clean the kitchen. Wanna see how dirty your white kitchen is, catch it between 2pm and 4pm and you'll start asking yourself, "where did that stain come from and HOW LONG has it been there?!" I wiped spots here and there that I just never see in regular light or normal daylight. Throw in a SUNNY day, you'll see all the imperfections. 

I also shook out all of our rugs and let them air out all afternoon. I just LOVE the smell of freshly aired rugs! 

Colin opted to play a video game with Stephen. These two are peas in a pod and best buds. 

After Riley came back inside, he took ousted Stephen from the game, haha.

 They ended their afternoon with us with a little goofing off in a St. Pat's hat - gosh I love these two.

We ended our Sunday watching the Oscars and catching up a week and half's worth of laundry. Why did I wait that long to do laundry?! Never let me do that again!

Just a quick reminder, join us on Wednesday for our series Pinspiration Wednesdays! Link up and share your favorite Spring / Easter Pinterest finds! I can't wait to see what fun Spring pins everyone has! Spring is JUST around the corner, and after the beautiful weekend we just had....I am READY for more of that!! 

 Happy Leap Day! I really think there's grounds here for some random themed dinner party!! YES?!? Just me?? 

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  1. Going to the Nashville Flea Market is on my list of things to do with my mom this year! There are lots of people in my town who go each month, and I hear it's great! And love that you went to Green Hills fav!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Love all your flea market finds!!! That looks like so much fun. And do not worry - I fall asleep during our shows all the time, and then my poor husband has to try to explain what I missed. Have a great week!

  3. I just LOVE flea markets, but we really don't have any great ones around us. I have yet to watch Fuller House...but today I am going to! Can't wait!!!

  4. Yes for the Spring weather weekend!! But BOO for the windows streaming in to show the dust, dirt and window streaks!! I always panic this time of year to get everything back in order! Glad you had a fun filled weekend!!

  5. How cute is that floral kimono?! I haven't been to a flea market to look for clothing before!!

  6. I felt the same exact way about Fuller House. The first episode was almost painful, but after that I was like omg this is so great! and finished the whole series this weekend. And now I'm sad without it! haha
    PS-LOOOVE that floral kimono! I just saw one I love at Express but it was a whopping $55 so I passed..yikes!

  7. So- I think Flea Markets must be a Southern thing because I don't know of any around here in Central Indiana! I love the kimono you got- it looks SO CUTE on you!! Hope you are having a great Monday!


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