Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Linkups!

I'm not sure what it is with these Winter weeks here lately, oh wait yes I do...first there was a blizzard, then there was the great thaw-out, then it snowed again, and again, AND again, then it rained for days on end, and that's why we say "Welcome to Tennessee weather!"....the days have been dragging on and on lately, but today's Friday and it's time to share some favorites and highlights for the week!!


I found this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Salad on Natasha's blog earlier this week and as soon as I saw it, I sent the link to Stephen. A few hours later we were scarfing this thing down like IT. WAS. OUR. JOB. for dinner. I think I will from now on to forever be dipping everything in the Spicy Ranch Dressing I made!!


I shared this on IG and Facebook Tuesday, but it's just too sweet to not share again. It was real love playing out right in front of me. With all the stresses in everyday life these days, it was a GOOD moment for my soul to soak in and let leave an imprint. 

I was sitting at the Dentist's office and an elderly couple came in behind me. The man sat down while the wife went to the desk to sign herself in. When she turned around to go sit down by him, she said, "BILL!!! YOUR SOCKS!!" He looked up from his book and said, "What?" She replied, "They don't match your shirt. Mine match what I'm wearing." Without missing a beat the man said, "I think they're pretty....and so are your's." Then they both just laughed and laughed. Love is precious!


There are few dull moments around here when a girl is married to Stephen Stafford. Case in point, I came home one day and found him like this...


The important thing to note is that HE was doing laundry totally on his own without me asking, which is HUGE around here. The funny thing to note is apparently, he got a little crazy when throwing clothes in the washer because one of my socks went into the black hole. Luckily he was able to get it out without pulling any muscles. HA.



After reading rave reviews about this book for sometime, I finally started reading Me Before You a couple of nights ago. THEN, I see where it's already been made into a movie and there's a trailer out...and whoa nelly...cue the tears. ALL the tears. 


Last month, Justine, Leigh and I hosted our first Pinspiration Wednesday linkup! Our next one is coming up very soon!! Join us on the first Wednesday of each month with some of your favorite pinspirations! For March, we're showing off all of our favorite Springtime and Easter Pinterest finds! 

After a long winter, I'm ready to welcome Spring with wide open arms!!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend with your favorite people!! 

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  1. I was in mourning after I finished Me Before You! I can't wait for the movie though, and I already know I need to go watch it without any make up on my face haha! Have a great Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I love that story about the socks. His comment was so sweet! Have a great weekend Erica :)

  3. I read that book last year and just found out about the movie this past week- a tearjerker for sure!! Have a great weekend!

  4. The socks story is precious!! Also the Me Before You book was so good. Have you read the sequel???

  5. Me Before You is one of my favorite books!! So fun they are coming out with a movie version of it! I am currently number 18 on the hold list for the sequel, "After You." Can't wait to see if I like it as much as the first book!
    Hope you have a great weekend Erica!!

  6. I just love old people lol they are the cutest!! That salad looks DELICIOUS! Stephen is hilarious, and good for him (and you!) helping out with laundry!!

  7. oh my gosh old people are seriously the sweetest! umm and that salad yummy! loved me before you! i was thinking of debuting it again for my book club for march. thoughts?

  8. Aw the picture of that couple is absolutely adorable!

  9. What a fun post you have here! That shot of your husband is hilarious! Your link up sounds fun maybe I'll be back by if I can remember!!! I hope your weekend is fabulous over in TN. From NC - Amanda


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