Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Confessions...

Life has been rather uneventful around here lately, hence the slow-down in posts for the past week. We’ve got several things planned for this weekend, so hopefully there’ll be a juicy Weekend Recap post on Monday. (I just laughed at myself for using the word juicy to describe, well to describe ANYTHING about our life. HA)

Today, I thought I would share a few random confessions from life lately!! (accompanied by some delightful gifs...they are my favorite.)


I confess I spend waaaay too much time deciding on the right card for someone. Wednesday afternoon, I stopped by a Hallmark store to pickup a few Valentine’s Day cards. Do I go sappy and sweet or light-hearted and funny? Oh, I like that one…no wait, it has glitter. That one does NOT look masculine enough to be a “husband” card. Where are the Nephew cards? Wait…a Valentine BIRTHDAY card?!? Do I know anyone with a Valentine’s Day Birthday? Ha…a “New Love” card, I did one of those one time…that was dumb. Are those scarves back there……..and is THAT Christmas stuff on sale?!! 45 minutes later, I checked out with 2 parents cards, a husband card, a card for my grandparents and a card from the cat that I’m mailing to my mom, because let’s be honest, it’s HILARIOUS her love/hate relationship with Lucy the Cat. 
(That deserves a whole post itself one day!)


I confess there’s two guys in our department that when I see them coming towards my office, I instinctively start cringing. One of them reeks of saturated cheap cigarette smoke, and he always comes AROUND my desk to stand beside me to tell me whatever he’s come for. I need a baby gate for my desk. The other guy is just annoying. He dumps his work on me to do for him. Easy things he is more than capable of doing. I have told him no before. It doesn’t work. I’m civil with him, and help him out, but I do not like him. It’s ok to just not like certain people. 


I confess that I looked like a raging addict in the Kroger parking lot earlier this week. It was snowing. The wind was howling. It was COLD. My hands were freezing. I ran in to pickup my medicine rather than the drive through line that was wrapped around the back corner of the building. I HAD to take the medicine ASAP to stay on a certain schedule. So as soon as I got in my car, I was desperately trying to rip off my gloves, man-handle the childproof lid on the little bottle, and then tear into one of the tiny individually wrapped pills. Keep in mind, it was FREEZING…I was shaking and shivering all while trying to do this. I looked up and there was a man standing in front of my car looking at me with this dumbfounded / horrific look on his face. It was at that moment I realized I look like an addict right now. I shook my head, took the pill, and went on my merry way. The man walked off shaking his head. Sorry dude, not trying to get high, just trying to have a baby! 


I confess I get more and more excited every time I see a new photo, trailer, or post about Fuller House. Two more weeks! Two more weeks!! Bring on the Tanners!!!!


I confess I’ve spent two lunch breaks this week daydreaming and planning out different vacation and trips. I’ve priced everything from a week in Maui, to a week at Disney, to a week in the Keys, to a week at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington state. Never heard of Skagit Valley Tulip festival? Go to Google images, search it and just scroll in amazement. It has now become a Bucket List item, along with attending one Kentucky Derby, The Masters, and visiting Lake Louise in Canada. For the random dates that I selected, so far, Disney is winning out. Right now with our baby journey, this pretty well sums up how I feel about advanced plans…

I mean really, make plans for later this year? Yeaaaah.....oooook. I'll get back with you.

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. Your Friday Confessions are SO FUN!! The Gifs are hilarious, I totally get your card selection process and I can picture the run through Kroger!! I am surprised someone stopped to watch you - I would never think of that!! Happy Friday!

  2. I have to say, I laughed at this post =) The card selection, I totally get! And Fuller House, YES YES YES!! Bring on the Tanners!!!! =)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I totally feel you on the card selection process... I could stand in the aisles of Target for HOURS just looking at cards!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I flipping adore the little girl known as honey boo-boo lol. She is hilarious! Have a great weekend sweety!


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