Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Recap - A LOVEly edition

We had the BEST Valentine's weekend. Seriously, one of the best that I can remember in a long time. That being said, I think I've decided that I like Valentines day falling on a Sunday. Christmas...not a Sunday, Valentines Day on a Sunday, sure! 

We decided to switch things up a bit this year and avoided the traditional Valentines Dinner Date, instead we headed to Nashville early Saturday morning for a breakfast date at Another Broken Egg Cafe. We had visited the ones in Destin a few times and LOOOOVED it, so when Nashville opened one last Fall, we knew we had to get there one morning! 

The restaurant was packed that morning with families and mostly runners from two different 5K's in the area. (More on that in a minute.) We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, but at least there was room to wait inside because it was FREEZING Saturday morning!

The food was just as good as Destin, but we both decided it just wasn't "as good" as at the beach. The bar area was packed, which in Destin, we never saw anyone at the bar that early in the morning. They played loud country music, and in Destin, it was something more subdued and calming. It was definitely a downtown Nashville bar atmosphere but for breakfast. We both agreed that we felt like we were eating to get out of there rather than enjoying it. 

All that being said, we did  have a great time and will go back, just maaaaybe not on a Saturday morning. (P.S. the Cinnamon Roll French Toast will always be our favorite! You must try this!! We split it this time and both ordered our favorite savory dishes.)

Back to the two 5K's in the area. We quickly were able to distinguish between the two runs. There was the Hot Chocolate Run and Cupid Undie Run. I mean, really, WHO comes up with these race names? Anyway, so the Hot Chocolate runners were the more serious, more fit, dressed like legit runners. The Cupid Undie runners.....

He and about 15 of his closest friends were right in front of our table hanging out at the bar for the first 15 minutes or so after we had been seated. I sent this pic to my friend Emilee and said, "Nothing says romantic Valentines date like staring at a grown man in his underwear in front of your table." 

*Note to Self* Check date of next year's Cupid Undie Run BEFORE making breakfast date plans. 

After breakfast, we headed over to Green Hills. I had a Nordstrom card from Christmas to use, and this was really the only place we were going to go in. We ended up spending a few hours at the mall just walking around and going into random stores we've not been in before. We had the best time just walking, browsing and talking with nowhere to be. 

We decided early on that we weren't going to do gifts this year, so when Stephen pulled me into the Kate Spade store to add to my earring collection, The only thing I kept thinking and saying, was "Nooo....I don't have ANYTHING for you! If you get me these, I have you nothing." He didn't care and went ahead and got me the next two colors I have been eyeing for sometime. He started getting me a pair of KS studs a couple years ago for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc. I just love wearing these...they're comfortable and go with everything. 

It's hard to tell but these are the blush pink and kelly green studs. Later that afternoon, on our way home we stopped at a Dick's Sporting Goods store and S got himself a new pair of tennis shoes he really needed. He can wear out a pair of tennis shoes faster than anyone I've ever seen. So,..happy valentines day to him. We were even and called it a day. 

We came home and had Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches for dinner, and he gave me my favorite tulips he had picked up earlier without me knowing. 

I made a heart shaped cake, thanks to Pinterest. Isn't there something just SO good about a plain 'ol yellow cake and chocolate icing cake?!

On Sundays, we eat lunch after church at Stephen's grandparents house with the whole Stafford family. For Valentine's day, Stephen's aunt dressed the place up a little bit with some fun decorations. 

Stephen's mom made heart shaped fried potatoes. I mean, how cute, right?!

We played a couple of games, ate chocolate dipped strawberries, and hung around longer than we all normally do. Stephen and his grandma worked for a looooong time on a puzzle. We all had a great afternoon together and laughing harder than I've laughed in a while. 

Sunday night, church was cancelled due to quite a bit of sleet and ice that had fallen that afternoon, so we watched the Sandra Bullock movie, "Our Name is Crisis" when we came home. (Perks of the husband working for Redbox, there's always several boxes of movies to choose from in the room off of our carport.) 

We ended the night with our favorite donuts from our favorite nephews. 

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day weekend! Who wants to start a petition for a standing Weekend Valentines Day??!!!

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  1. It looks like you had a great weekend!! And what a great hubby to bring you into the Kate Spade store!! Your Sunday sounds perfect =) Have a great Monday!!

  2. Cupid Undie runners?! Where do they come up with this stuff haha!

  3. What a fun weekend! And I can't believe the underwear runners would wear that into a restaurant haha! I would be way too embarrassed!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. What a lovely Valentine's weekend!! My man was stuck in California for an archery convention :( So we will have to make up for it this weekend!
    Last time I was in Annapolis, MD, there was a Santa Speedo Run........ oh my, it was hilarious.

    1. It was definitely funny seeing some of their "undie" outfits of choice on such a cold morning! haha Hope you all have a great Valentines date this weekend!

  5. What a fun weekend!! I have heard of Another Broken Egg, but never been! I will have to check it out - on a non-undie running day!! :)

  6. Awwww! Everything looks great! I really want to start wearing earrings again but my ears closed up-is there anywhere i can go to get my ears pierced as an adult? We are getting ready for a move back home and I can't wait to start doing more family gatherings. Have a great night! -Lisa

    1. Not sure about where you are, but around here there are a couple of jewelry stores that will pierce ears. Then there's always a tatoo and piercing shop...or Claire's....depends on the atmosphere you want I guess. haha. I LOVE living so close to our families, I hope your upcoming move goes great!


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