Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stranded With: Netflix Series

Today, I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for their "Stranded" series and we're sharing what Netflix series we'd be stranded with!

Girls...let me just say if I was "stranded" with Netflix, that would mean we had wifi and that means we're not in too deplorable stranded conditions. I can play along with that one! 


I had to pick a comedy...jussssssst in case these stranded conditions are a bit worse than I'm imagining. My go-to comedy would have to be Friends. I mean, really. Has there ever BEEN a better show? (catch what I did there?)



I LOVE historical / political series and movies. Back a few months ago, we started watching The West Wing on Netflix. I LOVE this show. It's just the right amount of seriousness mixed with gentle sarcasm and humor. Another great ensemble cast show!


I had to pick a true "Netflix series" for this list, so I'm taking Bloodline with me! We watched Season 1 last Summer and have been patiently waiting for Season 2 which just released a couple of weeks ago. Here is my disclaimer, it's a Netflix series, the language and content CAN be a little rough at times. But this show, is SO good. The first couple of episodes were a tad slow to get into, but once you make it past that, you're hooked and HAVE to know what happens next with the Rayburn family. 

This show makes Stephen want to retire in the Keys. #keepondreamin'

Since this is my list, I have to toss out a few honorable mentions. Hello...FNL!?!!! 

If I could take 4 series, I'd take this one. To be totally honest, now I'm doubting my decision of The West Wing over this. What was I thinking?!

We also really enjoy the Netflix original, House of Cards, but like Bloodline, the language and content are a tad harsh. We always binge watch the newest season the weekend it comes out. Just when you think you like Frank Underwood, you can't stand Frank Underwood. Kevin Spacey is amazing in this role!

Another Netflix original we've recently discovered, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!! We started watching this on a whim over the weekend at our friends Chuck and Emilee's house. Before we knew it, we had watched three episodes and were starting the 4th. It's considerably cleaner in the language department than the other Netflix shows I've mentioned. Some of the jokes are a little too cheesy and some of them are ABSOLUTELY hilarious. 

Y'all....look at the topic for next month. Gosh. 

I couldn't narrow this list to three and only three.....pretty sure it's not happening next month either!! 

Be sure to check in with Shay and Erika to see everyone else's Netflix picks. I'm SURE you'll find a few ladies professing their love for The Gilmore Girls. Sadly I will have to admit, I've never seen an episode of this show! I KNOW! Shame me now, I deserve it. 


  1. Yes to Friends!!! I watch at least one episode every day!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. So many good recommendations! I have seen previews for that Kimmy Schmidt looks SO funny!! Can't wait to watch it!! Have a great day friend!!

  3. Yes to Friends! Forever one of my favorites! I'm going to have to check out unbreakable! :)

  4. I am so out of touch with most of these shows - but if I ever find time to watch Netflix, I will totally take your recommendations!!

  5. We may or may not be part way through season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt already... its so stupid addictive.

  6. Love the #pivot reference!! I am going to check out Bloodlines & Kimmy Schmidt. My husband watched West Wing before he met me & liked it. I would probably like that one. I think he watches House of Cards, too, but I am NOT a Kevin Spacey fan. He always plays creepy roles!
    And, I agree, stranded with wifi doesn't sound that bad at all!! :)

  7. Love this!! I would do.... Supernatural, Friends, and How I met Your Mother. I think. Or also Doctor Who. or X-Files. Crap. lol I cant decide.


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