Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: What's in the Bag

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for "Show & Tell Tuesday" What's in the Bag edition!! 

I change my purses out fairly often, but my typical go-to is something slouchy and big. I found this handy dandy thing at Old Navy last year on the Clearance rack marked down from $29 to just $4! Yes, please!!

I really feel like I carry everything in my purse, but once I dumped it out, it may not be as bad as I thought. Everything is relatively practical. 

I'm sure most women carry a bag inside their bags. Am I right? So in my little bag inside my big bag, I carry the essentials..eye drops, makeup, hand lotion, nail clippers and bandaids. Who doesn't? 

I've also ALWAYS got with me...

Sunglasses, keys, a nail file, a Sharpie (or ok, maybe 2), an ink pen, a USB drive (you just never know when you might need backup storage), my work ID, appointment card for next OB visit, my Kindle, Kindle and Apple chargers, key fab for my husband's car, Antacid chews (HELLO 2nd trimester!), a protein bar, baby wipes (I SWEAR by carrying wipes! Ask anyone if they've ever just needed a wipe around me and if I had one for them...YES I DID!), ChapStick (#amen) and gloss, annnnd a daily medicine and vitamin keeper. 

Oh but wait there's more....

A Kohls coupon (don't we all always have one or two floating around?), an electric bill, Kleenex (allergy season, yuck), stamps (yes I still believe in snail mail), my wallet which is holding a couple of receipts and a new debit card to activate that I've had for oh...2 or 3 months now, and my favorite for right now...pics from yesterday's ultrasound. (YAY FOR KNOWING GENDERS FINALLY!!)

I seriously feel like I could make it on a stranded island OR save the world if I only had my bag with me. Ok, and maybe wifi. DEFINITELY could make it then. 

Thanks so much to Andrea for this fun linkup that let's us have a peek into other's everyday life! Be sure to click on over to see what's in everyone else's bags!!


  1. Cute Bag!! Of course, we have bags in bag..duh ;)
    oh what a tease about finally knowing the babies genders!! :) Can't wait for you to share that info!!
    Congrats again!

  2. I still do snail mail too! I mail out probably half of our bills and the other half Dustin pays online. I love that you carry baby wipes! I never thought of that--what do you use them for?
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. 1. Are you seriously telling us you know genders and not tell us? 2. I think if I needed anything I would ask you first - you have all the essentials covered. 3. I love your bag - its a a great color!

  4. What a great deal on that bag! I totally carried around ultrasound pictures with me during my pregnancies as well!

  5. eeeks yay for ultra sound pictures :) SO FUN! and that bag is super cute! great post friend! so glad i found your blog through the show and tell link up today!

  6. I like that you kept it "real!" My purse is flooded with receipts, too. I am paranoid to throw one away, because it has my debit card info on it, so they're just always all over my purse. I love your Old Navy purse, too. Good find!


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