Saturday, July 18, 2015

Arabelle is ONE.

On Monday, my youngest cousin, Miss Arabelle Mae Brady turned 1! We celebrated her last weekend…as you will see from the previous post. But for today, I decided to share how my family spent our night exactly one year ago on Monday.

First, we must back up to one year ago Sunday. We were all at my Aunt Linda & Uncle Charlie’s house for a regular Saturday night get-together. Nothing fancy….pizza, games, whatever. It’s a regular and frequent occurrence for us. Somehow in the midst of the conversation, Robert & Sarah casually threw out there, “because we’ll have the baby tomorrow.” Insert silence and everyone stopping dead in their tracks. Come again? Unbeknownst to all of us, due to a few minor complications she had been experiencing, they had decided to induce her labor the next day. THE. NEXT. DAY. Which was about 2+ weeks before her due date.
(These were the pics we sent to my sister & her family who were on their way back from vacation. Nice surprise to receive in the middle of a long roadtrip!)

Fast forward 24 hours and we’re the lone family patiently waiting in the Labor & Delivery Waiting Room. She labored literally ALL day. Bless her heart. Some people came and went throughout the day, others came later on in the afternoon when she started progressing to the final stages. However, it was at those final stages that Miss Arabelle decided to take a rest and delay her birthday. We waited for what seemed like forever to receive word that she was safely here; and then finally at 9:36pm, our newest cousin entered our family!

Earlier that morning, I decided to document what Sarah & Robert weren't able to see. The happenings in the waiting room. I charged my camera and packed my chalkboard, chalk and eraser and I was set. After Arabelle was born, I took all these pics and made a photo book for the new parents. We all had so much fun documenting different events during her labor and photographing each other. Everyone was able to keep their mouths shut about this little project, and the photo book was a complete surprise when they received it.

These two boys and their parents came straight to the hospital once they got back in town from their vacation. 
 Preston & Lorelei were excited to meet their new cousin! These two were at the hospital right after Sunday morning church and stayed until she was born that night! Such troopers!!

Two excited and PATIENT grandpas!
 Chalkboard shenangians in full swing thanks to Ann Marie...
and an excited grandma to be!
 The natives started settling in for a long night's wait...

 Then, we started doing whatever we could to stay awake...some kept occupied on their iPads...
 Some did an impromptu Crossfit work out. We named this WOD Arabelle. (If you don't speak Crossfit, you won't understand. Crossfit is a second language at our house thanks to this one.)
 Some felt an exuberant amount of American pride....
And then, the food came...
No waiting room visit is complete without Ralph's donuts.

We quickly decided we were a family with a drinking problem...

Then we started taking selfies. Hey, whatever it takes to keep the energy going!
THEN, we started getting updates via group texts...things were starting to happen!
Notice the time....

This is where Miss Arabelle decided to just stop progressing. So we waited again....and waited....until...
Oh, but we waited some more....UNTIL.....
It was a following group message with a pic of the baby from the new daddy that announced her name to the world. After 9 long months, we finally knew her name!
 Arabelle is named after our grandmother, Ila Mae.
 Excited cousins!
Another Brady baby for these two grands!

Shortly after Arabelle was born, Sarah's mom came out with her two doctors. These two are the ABSOLUTE best you will find. Sarah is a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and works under Dr. Bert Geer. He no longer delivers babies and focuses strictly on women's health...but for this particular patient, he made a comeback to the delivery room with Dr. Gernt. She was in the BEST hands that day under the care of these two!
 We may or may not have stood, clapped and cheered when these two rounded the corner! It had been a long day for everyone.
Because it was so late and Sarah was exhausted after such a long day, we settled for pics of Arabelle that night and were able to visit & snuggle the next day.

We were all smitten with this precious baby when she arrived a year ago.....
And we're still pretty smitten now...
Happy Birthday Arabelle! We sure are glad you are ours!!

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