Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites: Brought to You By the Letter F

(Disclaimer I only realized everything started with "F" when I was trying to come up a title for the post. Full House, Flowers, Football, Friends, Florida..oh well.)

Can we just for a moment give a huge round of applause to Netflix for bringing back a much anticipated Full House spinoff?! I mean, really. That’ll be a binge watch weekend to put on the calendar.
I LOVED Full House when I was young. I had the doll sets and everything. I wanted to be a Tanner girl and live in that house and have a perfectly behaved dog like Comet. And, let’s face it…the show coined some awesome catch phrases…Have Mercy, Cut...It…Out, How Rude! I love it…I can’t wait. Way to go, Netflix!

Speaking of Netflix (and the TOTAL opposite from the Tanner family), we just finished watching the new show Bloodline a couple weeks ago. The first couple of episodes we weren’t sure and then all of a sudden we were hooked. 
The show is FULL of twists and turns! It also shows glimpses into the Rayburn family history as well as quick scenes from the season finale episode. So really, you know what’s going to happen in the end all season. But it’s SO good. Because of this show, Stephen now wants to retire to the Keys one day. Did I mention the cast?! Phenomenal cast..starring one of my faves…..
Our beloved Coach Taylor. (swoon!) It’s a Netflix original so that goes without saying the language is pretty rough at times, but the storyline is so intriguing that you’ve just got to keep watching to find out more on this family.

Earlier this week, I had a free afternoon so I ran by Lowes to grab some flowers to plant. There is just something so peaceful to me about looking at flowers, planting flowers, tending to flowers. By no means, do I have a green thumb. I just love dabbling in it and seeing what happens. I left with several Impatiens and a couple Peony bushes. 
Impatiens did great last summer in my flower beds, so I’m hoping for the same success this year. The peony bushes are new territory for me. I just think they’re pretty, so I’m giving them a whirl.(And I realize that just made me sound like an 80 year old woman.)

One of my best friends for the last almost 17 years, had her first baby last week. He was born a month early and is small, but he’s doing so well. Wednesday she asked me to come over for a couple hours while her husband had to be gone….and how could I say no?! Spending time rocking a newborn will trump any other plans I could possibly have. Ever. 
This happened over in Knoxville yesterday…
If you listen closely you can hear the “Hallelujah” chorus being sung.

Tomorrow is the Orange and White Spring game….which means….134 days until IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!

After weeks of discussions, we finally decided on vacation plans for the year and booked a condo. We’re going back to Destin and we’ll be there for our anniversary. We went there on our honeymoon a couple years ago and both just loved it.
Of all the places we looked into, we just kept going back to Destin. The beaches and water are beautiful. It’s only about an 8 hour drive. It’s not too expensive. It’s somewhat less touristy. It’s perfect. I can’t wait!
We knew we wanted to stay in the same building as we had used before so we started looking at different condos listed on VRBO. We found one that met all our criteria and wouldn’t you know it ended up being the EXACT SAME condo we stayed in for our honeymoon. We had NO idea it was the same one until the owner emailed us back and told us we had stayed in the same unit 2 years ago. What are the odds?! The building went through a complete remodel last year so the pics shown were different from when we stayed, so to us it looked like a different place all together. 

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Happy Weekend! We’ll be playing laser tag tomorrow to celebrate our nephew’s 6th birthday! FUN AWAITS!!
Isn't he the cutest?!?

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