Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday..The Name Game

I’m linking up today for my first Show & Tell Tuesday!! Today it’s all about stories behind names…your name, kids’ names, pet names…you name it! (ha, like what I did there!)

My parents were hoping for / planning for child #2 to be a boy. The story I’ve been told goes three different ways because everyone remembers it differently after 31 years…
1.      His name would be Eric Daniel. Spoiler Alert: it was a girl….easy fix…Erica Danielle.
2.      My mom wanted my first name to be Danielle but my grandmother was afraid she’d have trouble remembering how to spell such a “long” name when the other grandkids had names like Kim, Dana & Jodi. Eight letters was a lot for our Mammy bless her heart.
3.      I was ready for discharge and a name hadn’t been settled on so my aunt basically forced them, “You have to name this child so you can go home.” They pulled the trigger on Erica Danielle.
Somewhere between those three stories lies the truth of what really happened back in August of ’83. (P.S. It's standard to wear a crown when you turn 30.)
After Stephen & I were married and I went through all the processes of changing my last name, I went ahead and made my maiden name my new “legal” middle name. Not that a middle name really makes any difference at all, but it was hard for me to let the last name go completely. There are no boy cousins in our family from my dad and his brother…so there’s no one there to carry on the last name. I was the last cousin to marry…the last one with the name. I just couldn’t give it up. So now all my monograms are ESF.
Stephen & I have a boy’s name picked out should we ever have a son. Unless we just change our minds between now and then. It’s been the only name we’ve both liked. Of course I’m not mentioning it on here until the time comes, but just to add more interest to the vagueness he will go by his first and middle name together.
Should we have a girl one day….we’re in trouble. The list consists of about 5 names that we both like. Yikes.

And just for fun….we’re not really pet people, but I had a dream several years ago that I was married with house and a couple of kids and we had the cutest little black dog and that dog’s name was Cash. I’ve never forgotten that. I just think that would PERFECT. Slightly stalkerish but perfect. 
Be sure to click the link above to see what others are sharing about names today! Happy Tuesday!

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