Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy #6 Colin!

Six years ago this morning, our family welcomed my youngest nephew Colin David. He stole our hearts the second we laid eyes on him.
He is the epitome of "the 2nd child". He's laid back and beats to his own drum.
If I had a dollar for everytime the phrase, "Colin just doesn't care about...." well, I'd have quite a stock in dollars right now.
Colin is quick & witty, but he doesn't know he's being funny which makes it that much better.
Colin is the best little brother. He LOVES Riley. They have a really great relationship and generally play really well together. They are each other's best friends. Colin imitates things Riley does, but at the end of it, he just doesn't care as much Riley does. Riley LOVES Nashville Predators hockey. He can tell you players and stats and hold an adult conversation with the biggest fans....Colin likes to go to the concession stands. Riley is competitive and loves playing sports. Colin sits in the grass and plays in the dirt. He cheers Riley on. They make each other laugh. They back each other up. They are the best brothers.
Colin is such a joy to our family....we have the best and funniest stories to share that start with, "The other day Colin said...."
His smile just lights up a room.
Stephen & I LOVE being an aunt and uncle to these boys. We have different bonds with each boy. Riley has always been my buddy.....while Colin....
well, Colin & Stephen are pretty tight.
We love celebrating these boys and we love spoiling them. We started a new tradition with them last year that for their birthdays, instead of us getting them a gift, they pick a movie for us to go see and then they either pick a restaurant or pizza delivery for dinner, followed by a fun sleepover at our house and then I make a pancake breakfast the next morning. We love creating these memories with them that we know they'll appreciate and look back on fondly as they grow rather than some $24.99 Avengers set we could get them.

We celebrated all weekend for Colin's upcoming birthday. Saturday was his big party. This year, my sister held it at a local laser tag place. She conveniently asked us to pick up the balloons...which just so happened to include this 4 ft walking beast of a thing that was a MESS trying to get in our car. You can see...I was thrilled.

The kiddos played one game of laser tag before eating pizza and cake, then got to play one more game before leaving.
Stephen & I played both game with the kids. (We pretty much love being the "fun aunt and uncle".)  Stephen was team blue with the older boys. I was team red with the little kids. They had SO much fun. (I may have run directly into a wall.....a full running speed. I also may have gotten a little TOO into the game.)

Our youngest party-goer Arabelle.
LOOK at this AWESOME cake! Pinterest for the win!
Present time!
When mom and dad AND Nana say no, just ask the great-grandparents!!
Our sweet Pa, who will be 88 this Summer with his youngest great grand.
Then Sunday night after church, we went out to dinner at Colin's choice restaurant...Golden Corral. We all basically just grinned and obliged his little 6 year old request. It was ok; there's just something about a mass buffet that loses its appeal.

The boys wanted to ride with us after church...
After dinner, we went back to my sister and BIL's house for ice cream cake and presents. Saturday was his BIG party but Sunday was our immediate family get-together...grandparents from both sides, Stephen & I and the boys' other uncle.
Colin had a BIG weekend just for him! We love celebrating these boys!!
We can't wait to see the young man this one will become. He has SO much character in him that it's infectious! He's just the best little thing.
Six years have gone by so fast! It's taken every fiber of my being not to get teary-eyed going through some of these pictures. It's the one aspect that I don't look forward to in becoming a parent myself. They don't stay little long. Big or little though, they are a JOY.
Happy 6th Birthday Colin! We love you more than you'll ever know! We pray that you'll continue to grow into the charismatic, light-hearted, joyous little man you already are! You are a treasure and blessing to us all!

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